Marauders News · Athletic Re-entry Guidelines

As we prepare to return to athletic participation at Mt. Vernon (Middle School and High School), the guidelines in the link below have been put in place to provide for the safety of our staff and students.  These guidelines have been reviewed by the Hancock County Health Department and follow the recommendations of the Indiana Department Of Education’s IN-Class Re-entry Guidance.  Please note that any student that plans on participating in any of our IHSAA sanctioned athletic programs, cheer, or dance will be required to have the following items on file prior to participation:

1. A pre-participation physical must be on file in the athletic office at your school (MVMS or MVHS).  Any student who participated in athletics during the 2019-20 school year and has a completed physical on file will not need a new one, though they can turn in an updated physical if they so choose.  Any new student or any student who does not have a physical dated April 1, 2019, or after, MUST turn in a completed IHSAA Pre-Participation PhysicalNOTE: If the answer to any of the questions on the IHSAA Health Questionnaire is ‘YES’ since his/her last physical, the IHSAA is requiring that an updated physical be completed.  Any new completed physical forms can be e-mailed to the following: (MVHS) (MVHS or MVMS) (MVMS)

2. Online forms must be completed by ALL  STUDENT-ATHLETES.  These did not carry over from the 2019-20 school year.

MVHS Online Forms
MVMS Online Forms

3. IHSAA Health History Questionnaire must be completed BY ALL STUDENT-ATHLETES and MANAGERS.  This is separate from the Pre-Participation Physical and is a new form that focuses on COVID-19 and concussions. This must be printed off, completed, and turned in via e-mail or in person.  

4. MVCSC Waiver of Liability & Assumption of Risk must be completed BY ALL STUDENT-ATHLETES and MANAGERS.  This must be printed off, completed, and turned in via e-mail or in person.   

5. Signature page for Mt. Vernon Athletic Re-entry Guidelines PLEASE READ THESE THOROUGHLY.  This must be printed off, completed, and turned in via e-mail or in person.  

6. Student COVID Exposure Screening This must be printed off, completed, and turned in via e-mail or in person.   

7.  Each student-athlete must provide his/her own water bottle, face mask, and towel.  All athletes and coaches will be required to have a mask on their person and to wear it anytime they are not involved in rigorous activityNo personal items/equipment will be shared and due to the heat, a labeled water bottle will be required for practice.

One final note: If a student demonstrates any of the symptoms of COVID-19, he/she should be kept at home and this should be reported to the coaching staff immediately.


Mt. Vernon Athletics COVID-19 Reentry Guidelines